A Challenge for the Interactive Activation Framework

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key: 2006-09-07-Besner


  • Title: Visual Language Processing and Additive Effects of Multiple Factors on Timed Performance: A Challenge for the Interactive Activation Framework?
  • Author: Derek Besner, University of Waterloo, Canada
  • Date: 20 September 2006
  • Topics: Language processing
  • Download: [ (not found: 'Besner2006.pdf', ID 242) ]


Two factors often have additive effects on timed performance in language tasks. Despite 25 years of work, fans of the dominant theoretical framework for language processing have yet to publicly address even a single instance of such additivity... more: [ (not found: 'Besner2006.pdf', ID 242) ]

Editor's note: I don't know why the code can't find Besner 2006; it's right here.

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