Physiology may not be (political) destiny

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key: 2009-02-23-Charney


  • Title: Physiology may not be (political) destiny
  • Author: Evan Charney, Duke University
  • Date: 23 February 2009
  • Response to: ?2008-Oxley
  • Download: [ (not found: 'Charney.Oxley.2009.pdf', ID 167) ]


Oxley et al. (2008) translate an eyeblink and a slight sweat, provoked by different kinds of pictures, into a political position. Science magazine apparently raised no objections. Charney points out that both eye blinks and GSR changes can be interpreted in very many ways. Oxley et al.’s grand conclusions leave their modest data well behind. more: [ (not found: 'Charney.Oxley.2009.pdf', ID 167) ]

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