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PsyCrit is a journal of commentary on published research articles in psychology and behavioral neuroscience. Its aim is rapid on-line publication of comments on and criticisms of experimental and theoretical articles. Book reviews may also be accepted. Submissions will be reviewed by the Editor for clarity, coherence, length – and civility. In exceptional circumstances, the Editor may seek peer advice. Authors are entirely responsible for the accuracy of their facts.

Authors of target articles will be notified as soon as a commentary has been published and may respond if they wish.

Quick Start Guide

Every page on this site has 4 tabs at the top. These each take you to the main areas of PsyCrit:

  • Start: this page, the page you arrive at if you browse to without requesting a specific page
  • About PsyCrit: PsyCrit's purpose explained at length
  • Articles: index to the substance of PsyCrit, with a listing of target articles and summaries of the most recent published submissions
  • Instructions to Authors: how to submit articles for publication. Casual readers can ignore this page.

A little PsyCrit taxonomy

  • Types of Pages
    • site pages, which are about PsyCrit; currently consists of Start (this page), About PsyCrit and Instructions to Authors
    • articles: the site's content
      • commentary articles, which are review articles written about another "target" article originally published elsewhere (and usually not replicated here)
        PsyCrit was created specifically to publish review articles, so most of the site's contents will be of this type.
      • report articles, which report on original research which is relevant in some way to PsyCrit's mission
  • Vocabulary
    • (types of) articles:
      • Target Articles are articles that were originally published elsewhere and are being commented upon here
      • Commentaries are articles of commentary on particular Target Articles, published on PsyCrit
      • Reports are original research articles published on PsyCrit
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