Extra Sensory Perception

Extra Sensory Perception: Rhine, J. B. Boston: Bruce Humphries. ISBN 076613962X (HB), ISBN 0828314640 (PB) (1964).


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Guess for Success2 January 2007Gregory R. LockheadParapsychology is a term coined by J. B. Rhine that covers phenomena such as telepathy the direct transmission of information from mind to mind. The landmark work is Rhine, J. B. (1964) Extra-sensory perception. (Boston: Bruce Humphries), and a flow of other publications by Rhine’s associates and others. In this extended article, Lockhead shows how very small deviations from randomness in the to-be-guessed sequence can give rise to better- or worse-than-chance guessing performance.


  • reviewed edition (1964) may be hard to find; ISBN ??
  • latest edition (2003) is by Rhine, J. B., and McDougall, William: ISBN 076613962X (HB), ISBN 0828314640 (PB)
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Boston: Bruce Humphries. ISBN 076613962X (HB), ISBN 0828314640 (PB) +
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